Blazn™ Burner Infrared Charcoal Burner Ignition System

Blazn™ Burner Infrared Charcoal Burner Ignition System
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a charcoal burner actually designed for the rigorous abuse of hookah coal! Whether your charcoal lighting needs are speed, efficiency, portability or durability, the Blazn Burner delivers. It was developed for the functional needs of daily hookah charcoal ignition and proves to be the essential accessory to every hookah setup. A must have for any serious hookah fanatic.

The Blazn™ Burner is the personal infrared hookah charcoal burner that makes it easier than ever to light all types of hookah charcoal including natural, compressed and coconut charcoal varieties. The Blazn™ Burner technology exploits the "Black-Body" principle to light natural hookah coals 30-40% faster and over 60% more efficiently!

each set includes:
1 Blazn Burner
2 Blazn Infrared Emitters
1 Reflector Tray
1 Charcoal Basket
1 Charcoal Basket Handle
1 Owner's Manual
1 Year Consumer Warranty