Teaza Herbal Energy Pouches

Teaza Herbal Energy Pouches
Like other popular energy boosters, the TeaZa™ pouches will give you a boost of power, energy, and concentration. However, that is where the similarities end.

TeaZa™was designed by a group of highly trained medical professionals to keep hunger in check. Each pouch contains a powerful combination of herbs that will stimulate taste buds, providing long-lasting flavor.

Unhealthy nicotine cravings are kept in check by TeaZa™, the oral stimulus.

Compared to traditional liquid energy drinks that can be nearly $3 each, TeaZa™is a steal! A single pouch costs a mere $0.50! That is a whopping 84% savings!

Formulated from a select group of herbs, vitamins, and a minimal amount of caffeine, these pouches are easy to utilize. Simply slide a pouch between the lip and gum. TeaZa™ will leave you feeling revived and refreshed!